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 Your Pregnancy & Informed Consent Video

So, you are pregnant. You must have lots of questions and emotions.  Learning about an unexpected pregnancy can feel overwhelming.

In our video you will find accurate, evidence-based information on pregnancy and fetal development, as well as a brief overview on your three options: Abortion, Adoption and Parenting.

At the end of the video, you will find practical steps you can take as you move forward.

You don’t have to do this alone, please know help is available.

Find a Local Centre in Canada

Consider connecting with a local pregnancy care centre. They may be able to provide you with emotional and practical support, as well as important resources available in your community.

All peer counsellors are supervised, trained and experienced in helping women in crisis pregnancy and post abortion situations.

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Connect with an Online Peer Counsellor

If a pregnancy care centre is not available in your community, you may wish to connect with an online peer counsellor. is a secure, confidential web-based service.

Click the button below to connect with an online peer counsellor as you explore your options.


About Us: Pregnancy care centres provide non-judgemental, compassionate support and information on all pregnancy options for women struggling with an unplanned pregnancy. We also provide help for women and men experiencing grief after an abortion.


We are not a medical facility and we do not assist in arranging abortions or provide contraceptives. There are considered public health care services that need consultation with a medical professional.