Pregnant? You Have Options.


Adoption may be an excellent option for you and your baby. This choice means you can continue your life plans without the responsibility of parenting or experiencing grief associated with abortion.

Women choose adoption for many reasons. She finds herself financially, emotionally or otherwise unable to parent at this stage in her life.  She does not have a partner or a helpful support system to share the responsibilities of parenting. She needs to break the connection between herself and the birth-father. She has dreams and life goals to accomplish. She wants her child to have a two parent family.

Today, open and closed adoptions are available for your consideration. The decision for an adoption plan can be made anytime during your pregnancy, or after your baby is born.

You can be involved in choosing a family. You may be able to place your child in the home of someone you know, or a family screened by a government-approved adoption agency. You can choose a closed plan to preserve your identity. Or an adoption can be open, with ongoing contact between you as the birth-parent and the adoptive family. With an open adoption you can enjoy being a part of your child’s life by having visits, or receiving regular updates on his or her growth and activities.

Planning an adoption for your child can be emotionally difficult. There will be a grieving process. We are here to help you explore whether adoption is the right choice for you. We are here to support you throughout the adoption journey, and afterwards — for as long as you need.

Please contact us if you like to discuss your options further.

Each year over 50,000 women in North America make adoption the choice for their baby.

“I chose adoption because I wanted to give my baby the best. I loved him so much, and I knew he would have a better life with two parents who were able to look after him. Now I know that he’s safe, loved and happy, which is what every parent wants for their child.”

“I chose to make an adoption plan when I found out I was pregnant. This allowed me the freedom and flexibility to continue on with my life and have options for the future. I felt empowered knowing that I was making a choice to give this child a life she might not be able to otherwise have.”