Operation Baby Bottle

You are invited to join our annual fundraiser supporting the ministries of your local Crisis Pregnancy Centre.

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Who? Your congregation.  Or youth groups and home groups.
  • Participants take home our empty baby bottles from the church.
  • During the campaign, fill the bottles with spare coins (or bills and cheques), and perhaps also from family and friends.
  • Complete the donation forms provided and enclose them back into the baby bottles.
  • At the end of the campaign, bring the bottles back to the church.
Resources A two-minute promo DVD video.
A short presentation by our staff can be scheduled by appointment.
Results Participants are offered the opportunity to engage in a personal way to financially and prayerfully help women and teen girls experiencing crisis pregnancies.


Watch a 2-min video clip about our Operation Baby Bottle Campaign:

To have your church or parish involved, or to find out more information, please contact one of our Crisis Pregnancy Centres.

Burnaby: 604-525-0999 / burnaby@optionscentre.ca
Vancouver: 604-731-1122 / vancouver@optionscentre.ca